“That is the worst place to be . You need to write it down”

I treat my blog as my sketch book. Anything come in mind I will write(type)it down, cut and paste on here.

Not recommend for referencing but you might find some idea in there.

UX interview questions

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https://www.impactinterview.com/2017/01/big-list-ux-interview-questions/ UX Design Process Interview Questions How do you define UX design? What is your design process? Describe what methods you follow? What is visual hierarchy? Can [...]

6 soft skills

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While not every talent needs an Expert Interview (based on skill set), our highly-trained recruiters perform face-to-face behavioral Business Interviews for all talent we choose to represent. During the [...]

Mind Mapping

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I found mind mapping really help my creativity. I did a lot research on mind mapping I found mindmeister is the quickest and simple one to use. [...]