My Resume

What it’s like to work with me?

I do research to expand my creativity.  (Mind mapping)

I see things through my camera.  (My showcase)

I’m a Digital Artist. (My IMDB credit)

I volunteer, (Non-profit organization)

(I can do all things)


10 years in CGI industry and latest worked as UX Designer at NFL Network (great place!)

UX Designer

NFL network, Culver City  11/1/17-1/15/18 (Contractor)

Researchers, strategists, competitive audit all contents across publishers and platforms to improve NFL contents.

Depth Artist,Compositor, Animator

Stereo-D Deluxe, Burbank 2011-2015

Depth Artist, Stereo Artist, stereoscopic conversion. Creatively interprets and apply stereo concepts by using Nuke, After Effects and Photoshop. Imdb credit

Motion Graphic Artist, Compositor

Monster Oak Entertainment, Los Angeles 2011

In charge for Graphics and Compositing TV show “Monster knockout”. Implement After Effects to Roto and composite particle to add effects and impacts on the fight.

Rotoscope Artist

Syndrome Studio, Los Angeles  2010

Implement After Effects and Mocha to mask out shot to use in TV commercials.


I went to a lot of schools and training, not because I’m smart but conversely I just feel I need to learn more all the time.
In 2012-2014 I went to meet up almost every weekend for sharping my photography skill (My photography showcase)

My last 2 years I spent time on UX and Design at UCLA extension (Yes, I did double certificates)

User Experience Certificate

UCLA extension, Los Angeles 2015-2017

Nine-course program. The certificate requires an undergraduate degree for admittance. Areas covered include user research, developing user personas and scenarios, information architecture, responsive design, mobile first, system and user interface design, prototype creation, and usability testing, analytics and analysis.

Design Communication Arts Certificate

UCLA extension, Los Angeles 2015-2017

Sixteen-course program focusing on graphic design.

Digital Communication and Multimedia, Fine and Studio Arts

Santa Monica College, Los Angeles 2005-2008

Mission College, Los Angeles 2005-2008

Valley College, Los Angeles 2005-2008

Studio Arts, Los angeles 2005-2008

Focus on fine arts, traditional painting, motion graphics, animation, fine arts and films.

Bachelor of Arts(B.A.), Art History

Silapakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand 1994-1998

Major in Art history and minor in Anthropology.

More question about me? read on.

Story about me.

I was born in USA.

Grew up and went to University(B.A. in Art History) in Bangkok, Thailand.

Dream of working in Hollywood, Visual effect. So I came.

Came to USA taking (a lot of) classes in Arts and Digital Arts. I fought my way to work for Post Production company.

Burnt out in CGI industry and look for new challenge (and job).

Fell in love with Design Thinking so I took more and more classes and get certificate in UX.

 I was always reading stories about digital tech disrupting industries and changing lives. I decided I wanted to be part of that change. 

Why UX?

I always curious about how things work and why they work this way. I like to understand human behavior. I want to learn about human behavior.

I discovered UX and found it was something I could do well.

What is collaboration in my idea?

Learning, Be able to Think better is my goal. I’m considered new into the field. but I’ve worked in big company and under pressure.(Talk about 60-70 hours a week for 7 months each year at my old work place) I learn how to survive from it.

When The Avengers Assembled, Not everyone in the team has to be as smart as Stark or as strong as Hulk. But you have to have some kind of special power to make yourself useful for the team.


My goal working as a team is:

I’ll bring something new.

I’ll assist and learn from others.

I’ll give and take constructive criticism.

Sound too perfect, but yes at least I will try to be.

What can I bring to a team?

 Definitely mix culture point of view. My Creativity, My idea in Motion Graphics, My skills in art and design plus my photography. Flexibility. Intelligence.

Intelligence is what you do when you don’t know what to do.

I survive ambush from CGI industry. I’m sure I will survive the next task.

Hey, I seem pretty cool right?

Let’s talk.