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How do I do brainstorm?




1. Defer judgement.

2. Encourage wild ideas.

3. Stay focused on the topic.

4. One conversation at a time.

5. Be visual.

6. Go for quantity.


How do I get the idea?———-

  1. Be a good listener.

  2. Mindfulness

  3. New angle approach.  What apple would do?

  4. Walk around. I like to walk while I’m thinking.

  5. Storyboarding

  6. 6 thinking hat

7. Crazy 8

1. Set up: Fold paper into 8 sections and pace a post-it in each


2. 8 minutes = 8 ideas: Your team should be able to take a look

at your image + text and get the gist without you explaining it

3. Favorites: Take 2 minutes to choose your favorite 2 ideas.

8. concept canvas

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