My Design Process

//My Design Process

My Design Process

What Is My Design Process ?

After getting the brief I will start with.

1.Mind mapping

After tried many mind mapping tools in the market.  I found  is simple and fastest way to write out my ideas

In Mind mapping I’ll try to group my research topic. and develop something close to User Journey


I’ll plan my sprint by using Trello

3. Empathize

It depends on the project and the research.

but usually I will start with

Persona, Journeys, Competitive Audit.


It is up to the company and the team culture.

I’ve tried Crazy8


I use Sketch, but with my background in art I found myself keep going back to Photoshop and Illustrator.

With my background in After Effect.  I have my eyes on Principle.


There is a lot of Tool out there. I only have used Lookback.

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