Airbnb: Reputation system

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Project Description

“Reputation System should be a guideline not an advertising.”

Case study : How to improve reputation system on Airbnb

1. Research

Mind mapping

2.Competitive audit

Amazon/Yelp/Trip Advisor

Scope of Comparison — — — — — — –

  • Focus on Reputation systems. How can we improve reputation system on Airbnb.
  • Reply or not reply negative feedback.
  • Survey how user feel about each system.
  • Compare user profile layout. How/what reviewer’s background/experience effect the reader.
  • Q & A : where Q & A located
  • How reviews Search/Sorting system working.

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Conclusion from competitive audit.

  • Negative reviews don’t mean your business is bad.
  • Poor reviews can actually help your business.
  • Handling bad reviews is easy.
  • The best way to combat bad reviews? Get more good ones.
  • Bad Reviews Assist in Purchase Decisions.
  • Sorting reviews are help function.
  • What is the best User profile. How much do we need to know about user?

3. Define 1 :

Interview user and Define problem :

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  • Storyboard.
  • Personas Host/Traveler
    -Empathy Map
    -User journey
  • Design Brief

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Design Brief — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Section 1 : Your User and Context of Use

  • People that love to find information for traveling
  • 25–45
  • Love reading and find inspiration on mobile.
  • Need to know the right information for traveling
  • Before travel, Before booking, After booking

Section 2 : Platform & Core Functionality

  • Easy and seamless to fill out a review.
  • Interaction for each sentiment.

Platform- Mobile IOS and Android

Section 3: Define Experience “Vibe”

Fun, seamless, easy, attractive, satisfaction, animation, interaction, beautiful, blinking, ease in, ease out, fire work, responsive.

Similar app :
Facebook (special occasion button, pride day, mother day.)

Define 2 :


Testing Assumption :

  • What do we need on profile to build trust/character for reader?
  • Do we need video?
  • What part of the review is the most useful?
  • Reader need to connect to each other?
  • How soon people leaving feedback.
  • Best website/ Easy website/ Most happy user path website to read the review.Click link for the detail

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Define 3 :

Observation research :

Objective: How reviews influence a person’s experience

Testing on :

Personal objective:

You are visiting Bangkok in January by yourself for only one day. You only have enough time to see two temples in Bangkok. Use Tripadvisor to help determine which two you’d like to visit. Please talk me through how you would accomplish narrowing down which two to visit.

Next step: Actually, you only have time for one of the two temples you chose. Please review the two temples and explain why you are choosing that temple to visit.

4. Proposed Solution

Ideate and solution

  • Paying people to write review is not working. More likely you will get dishonest statement.
  • Reviews should be treat as gratuity (or a tips).
  • People will more likely write review when they feel extreme (Happy or mad, Glad or disappointing).
  • Limit writing review in 7 days is not working. The best way is remind people with email. maybe Message notification before they use service again.
  • Host spend too much time on answering questions. Q&A will be helpful.
  • Buyer may want or not want the video review (Mix result). Depends on product. For room or hotel. Host will prefer no video.
  • People who travel and buy online a lot will use negative feedback to make decision . First time or new buyer will use pictures.
  • Recent reviews are also the most useful. (for travel, traveller will read less than a year back review.
  • People buy lower than 3 stars product. 5 stars doesn’t mean guarantee your business.

Build trust. — — — — — — —


In the world of Collaborative Consumption we used verified from other user.

2. Afford/Responsive.

3. Expectation

Most of American travelers complain about Paris hotel.

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