L.A. Kitchen: Service Design

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Project Description

“4 hours of volunteer. But..I don’t feel like I’m adding anything to the world.”

Brief: Food waste non-profit organization need help on improving volunteers experience.



L.A. Kitchen is Non-profit organization about food waste.

L.A. Kitchen believes that neither food nor people should ever go to waste. By reclaiming healthy, local food that would otherwise be discarded, training men and women who are unemployed for jobs, and providing healthy meals to fellow citizens, L.A. Kitchen empowers, nourishes, and engages the community.

Volunteers can expect to engage in meaningful work and to have a deeper understanding of the impact of L.A. Kitchen’s work in the community.

Volunteering opportunities at L.A. Kitchen

-Kitchen Food Prep

-Corporate and group Volunteering.

-Senior Volunteers

-Skilled Volunteer Opportunities

Key Problem

  • Volunteers are not coming back
  • Volunteers experience need to be improved

How Might we make the volunteer experience more engaging?


2.Discovery/User research

Yes, I went to volunteer at LA.Kitchen.

User Journey Map

Empathy Map


To understand the problem.

We did several persona include volunteers, chef and stuffs.



Crazy 8

1. Set up: Fold paper into 8 sections and pace a post-it in each

2. 8 minutes = 8 ideas: Your team should be able to take a look
at your image + text and get the gist without you explaining it

3. Favorites: Take 2 minutes to choose your favorite 2 ideas.


4. Refine: Use your remaining 10 minutes to refine, re-draw and
further explain your top 2 choices. Take 4 post-it notes and put
each of the following items on one post it each:

1. Name of idea

2. Picture of idea

3. What is it the idea and how does it work?

4. Thinking about user research. Who is the idea for?

The rule of brainstorming

1. Defer judgement.

2. Encourage wild ideas.

3. Stay focused on the topic.

4. One conversation at a time.

5. Be visual.

6. Go for quantity.


4.Proposed Solution.

After doing research and Empathize the problem.

The solution should base on the idea.

-Volunteers want you to be prepared for them.

Better organize.


-Volunteers want to feel welcomed.

Greeting and tell where the drink/coffee and food is.

Ice breaking activity at the beginning of the session.

-Volunteers want good training.

Explain What, How, Why we doing it.

-Volunteers want to know up front how much time the job will take.

Carlandar explain task,

Explain schedule/goal each day.

-Volunteers want to be thanked, appreciated, and celebrated.

In person at the end.


Text via phone.

Sticker “I went to volunteer at LA Kitchen.”
“I’m a beginner chopper at LA.Kitchen”

“I’m an Expert chef at LA.Kitchen”

Picture on social media. (coordinator taking picture and tell story )

-Volunteers want you to communicate with them well and often.

Sign up for news.

Sending monthly letter update for member.

Design content for each month information. What we accomplish.

What in and out.

Show what has been donateก to organization. For example : 100 boxes for carrot, 25 boxes of green bean.

Maybe ask for brainstorm of recipe on forum

-Volunteers want to know that they are helping to make the world a better place.

Explain at the beginning of the session (document guideline for coordinator )

Share/learn food waste recipe.
Show plate and recipe.

Create content about food waste recipe.

-Volunteers want to be socially connected.

List the name of volunteer and thank you at the end of each day on social media and platform.
Forums for sharing idea about leftover.
Instagram leftover recipe.

-Volunteers want to learn something new.

Explain about how to cook/cut at the beginning of the session.


5.Evaluate The Idea.