LA. Kitchen: Sign up-onboard idea

LA. Kitchen: Sign up-onboard idea2019-02-06T08:39:09+00:00

Project Description

“Do we need really need all that much information from volunteer?”

LA Kitchen : Profile/account for volunteer

Problem :

  • Volunteer sign up system too complicate.
  • Do we need all the information?

As a user I want to :

  • Eliminate the fear of spam
  • See the form easy to comprehend
  • Unnecessary complexity

The information we need from volunteer :

  • Email
  • Name.
  • Person to contact /Emergency phone #

On profile page we need.

  • Picture.
  • Name
  • Email
  • person to contact/Emergency phone #
  • picture from the past volunteer.
  • History of volunteer.
  • Rank?/skill

User journey map

User flow

Less is more : Sign up page

Proposed solution

1. App Access After a Series of Tasks

Sign up (Email ID + Password) → Account Setup → Email Confirmation → App

2. Account Setup After App Access

Sign up (Email ID) → App → Email Confirmation → Account Setup


3. Access App Immediately

App → Sign up (Email + Password) → Email Confirmation → Account Setup

Project Details

Skills Needed:

Project URL:

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