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I am a UX Designer with 10 years of experience in the digital arts. I started my career in the VFX industry.   Later, in 2015 I developed an interest in startup and Design Thinking, which grew into a passion. This led me to discover the User Experience and Human-Centered Design

Rather than just chasing digital trends, I am a proponent of User-Centric design, validate ideas with data and research. I design things to solve human problems.

This website is where I showcase some of my work and write about life as a designer, UX professional, and amateur photographer.

I am currently in the process of relocating to Maryland. I’m eagerly searching for opportunities in research and intellectually stimulating topics.



Web Designer II at Web Services, UFIT

University of Florida, Gainesville  02/1/20-Present

  • Create user-centered website designs for the University by considering Google Analytics, stakeholder feedback, and usability findings.

Brand Strategist, Visual Designer

Tokyo Riso restaurant, Pasadena  03/1/18-09/1/19

  • Brand strategists promoted brand awareness through the development of an attractive new website.

UX Researcher

NFL Network, Culver City  11/1/17-1/15/18 (Contractor)

  • Researchers, strategists, competitive audit all contents across publishers and platforms to improve NFL content.

VFX Artist, Compositor, Animator

Stereo-D Deluxe, Burbank 2009-2015

  • VFX Artist, Stereo Artist, stereoscopic conversion. Creatively interprets and applies stereo concepts by using Nuke, After Effects, and Photoshop. Imdb credit

Motion Graphic Artist, Compositor

Monster Oak Entertainment, Los Angeles 2010

  • In charge of Graphics and Compositing TV show “Monster knockout”. Implement After Effects to Roto and composite particle to add effects and impacts on the fight.


M.S. Survey and Data Science (ongoing)

  • The University of Maryland, College Park

I have a keen interest in delving deep into the field of statistics.

M.A. in Mass Communication, Research and Theory

  • University of Florida, Gainesville

Subject in higher education audience research.

User Experience Graduate Certificate

  • UCLA Extension, Los Angeles 2015-2017

Design Communication Arts Certificate

  • UCLA Extension, Los Angeles 2015-2017

Digital Communication and Multimedia, Fine and Studio Arts

  • Santa Monica College, Los Angeles 2005-2008
  • Mission College, Los Angeles 2005-2008
  • Valley College, Los Angeles 2005-2008
  • Studio Arts, Los Angeles 2005-2008

Focus on fine arts, traditional painting, motion graphics, animation, fine arts, and films.

Bachelor of Arts(B.A.), Art History

  • Silapakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand


I have a BA in Art History from Silapakorn university, Thailand and I also have Digital Arts/Animation/Fine Arts certificates from the USA.  I came to the USA in pursuit Hollywood Dream. I used to work as a movie compositor at Marvel. I dreamed high and I fell hard. 😅 I was one of the victims of IT outsourcing. After 10 years in the hectic Visual Effects industry in Los Angeles, I readjusted my skill set to match the emergence of startups. wanted a career in which I could merge all of my skills and experience into one purpose. I discovered Design Thinking classes.

These Design Thinking classes introduced me to the value of User Experience. With practice in UX, I could implement my creative skills to influence human behavior and reduce frustrations with designs.

In response to a family emergency in Dec 2019, I relocated to Gainesville, Florida.
While attending grad school in the Research and Theory program at the University of Florida, I worked as a UX Designer at UFIT.

Starting in Fall 2023, I will commence my graduate studies in the Joint Program in Survey Methodology at the University of Maryland, College Park. This move is driven by my eagerness to explore research opportunities.

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